Shadow of His Hand

A story based on the life of holocaust survivor Anita Dittman

The book, “Shadow of His Hand” is based on the life of a survivor of the holocaust called Anita Dittman, Anita is the daughter of a Jewish mother and an Aryan father and the story starts in the pre-war years and continues through the war. Throughout the story Anita’s faith in God and trust in the Lord Jesus is evident. The historical content is good for those just beginning to learn about the Second World War.

Shadow of His Hand

Series: Daughters of the Faith: A series of books is about the lives of various girls and how God brought them through trying circumstances.

Setting: Nazi Germany

Author: Wendy Lawton

Age: This book is suitable for pre-teens and early teenagers.

A page from the book.

Pages: 148


ISBN: 9780802440747

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