The Flying Pigs Mystery

The tree cousins are sitting in their tree house when two piggybanks containing a lot of money come flying through the air and land beside them. The children then work out where the money came from and return it to its rightful owner.
The verse quoted is Romans 13:13 from the International Children’s Bible.
“Let us live in a right way . . . there should be no . . . jealousy.”

The Flying Pigs

Series: Young Cousins Mysteries.This series is about three cousins who love solving mysteries. There is a Bible verse at the front of each book and then there is a story to go along with it. There is no mention of God or the Bible within the actual stories.

Number: 6

Author: Elspeth Campbell Murphy

Illustrator: Nancy Munger

Age: 4 – 7

A page from the book.

A page from the book.

Pictures: Colour pictures on almost every page.

Pages: 32


ISBN: 0764224999

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