The Sneaky Thief Mystery

The Sneaky Thief Mystery is a story about a ferret who loves taking things and the cousins work out that he hasn’t taken everything that has gone missing.
It is used to illustrate Ephesians 4:28, quoted from the KJV.
“Let him that stole steal no more.”

The Sneaky Thief


Series: Young Cousins Mysteries.This series is about three cousins who love solving mysteries. There is a Bible verse at the front of each book and then there is a story to go along with it. There is no mention of God or the Bible within the actual stories.

Number: 2

Author: Elspeth Campbell Murphy

Illustrator: Nancy Munger

Age: 4 – 7

A page of the book

A page of the book

Pictures: Colour pictures on almost every page.

Pages: 32


ISBN: 0764224956

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