Special Families

Special Families

Series:  The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told: These books come with a CD which reads the text of the book, followed by ten children’s choruses to sing along with. The words of the choruses are not in the books, but most are well known. Each book has about seven Bible stories following a particular theme.

Number: 2

Author: Stephen Elkins

Illustrator: Tim O’Connor

Age: 3 – 10


  • Adam and Eve
  • Abraham and Sarah’s Surprise
  • A Raisin Cake
  • The Birth of Jesus
  • John is Born
  • Jesus is Born
  • The Baptism of Jesus
  • I’ve Got Hospitality


  • I will sing of the mercies of the Lord
  • If your saved and you know it
  • The reason He made me
  • You shall call His name Jesus
  • Jesus want’s me for a sunbeam
  • Praise ye the Lord Hallelujah
  • Father we thank Thee
  • Jesus loves even me
  • Here is the church, here is the steeple
  • Be careful little eyes
A page from the book

A page from the book

Pictures: Colour, on every page.

Pages: 30


ISBN: 978-0805424676

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